Tuesday, September 16, 2008

By Kellie Green

Journalist are limited to write just enough for people to get the main information that the journalist is addressing but the journalist must be brief on what they say. What if this is not enough? What if the information that the journalist provides is not informing the reader of everything that they need to know?

I am referring to articles that just give you the basics and nothing else. While reading an article on I came to the conclusion that I need more.

Journalists are taught to provide enough information to keep the reader interested. In the article 'Peace Corps temporarily out of Bolivia' that put out recently it talks about how America has pulled the Peace Corps out and has sent them to Peru. There is no mention in the article about the Peace Corps members and how they are affected or if they were affected by anything that is happening in Bolivia.

Journalist should be limited to how much they put in an article but they should also give enough information out so people, like me who have friends in Bolivia with the Peace Corps, know exactly what is going on.

Limits on articles can cause lack of information for an article. Information is what makes and can break an article. The question is how do you know if it is to much or not. I guess that is what makes a good journalist.


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