Credibility of journalists

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

By: Jessica Hamell

I couldn’t find something that interested me more then what I wrote on in my last blog. Journalists and reporters are already criticized for not being reliable. It doesn’t help that there are countless web sites that run fake news stories that are just to catch people attentions, but so many people can let them go as just rumors or fiction.

I found a poll at which was talking about reporters that stated "44% said they are 'often inaccurate.' "

People often believe what they read or see until someone proves to them that it is wrong.

I found an article telling about how television news station had been fooled by a video they found on YouTube. They aired it on an expose talking about tendencies at a local high school.

The video even looked fake enough that there were comments posted on it saying it was fake but the television station disregarded those comments and still aired it.

Reporters as well as readers should do a little more investigating if they don’t think the news is credible. If people would just put a little more time into getting the news maybe the credibility of journalists would go up.


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