Stock Market Crisis explained

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

by, Sarah Keller

In class we have briefly discussed how some newspapers are making it fairly easy to follow the Wall Street crises happening in America, particularly the New York Times. Newspapers are becoming more reader friendly on how to follow everything that is going on with the stock market issues, for those of us who other wise would be dazed and confused.

Newspapers such as the New York Times are doing a good job with explaining how the crisis will pertain to you and how you may be affected by what is going on and what to do about it. One such article was by Tara Sigel Bernard, a recent college graduate who is worried about paying off her student loans.

USA TODAY jumped on board to help readers understand the importance of what is going on in the world today as well, by giving daily reports and keeping us updated on the latest news. USA even wrote an opinion column about the $700 bailout, making it easier for readers to see where other people stand on the issue and to gain more insight on the issues at hand.

If readers still do not understand what is happening they can simply look at comic strips such as Brian Duffy’s from The Des Moines register to see his thoughts on the crisis at hand very plainly stated through illustration.

I would just like to congratulate and thank most top notch newspapers for keeping America updated on the crisis that our country is falling into and for making it understandable for me, a naive college student who in the past saw no use in following the stock markets, to grasp what is happening to our country.


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