Editing strikes back

Monday, September 29, 2008

By: Adrian Aitken

A couple of weeks ago Barack Obama appeared on the O'Reilly Show for an interview about the candidate's issues and the upcoming election. Unfortunately as ABC News was covering the television spot, the newsgroup edited the footage just right to make Obama's statements on the Iraq War different from reality.

Again controversy surfaces as another news group commits the same offence. MSNBC's news anchor Andrea Mitchell reported on the recent interview between Bill Clinton and Tom Brokaw.

During this interview Brokaw wanted to know if Clinton would endorse Obama the same as he had previously done with John McCain. Clinton replied with a fairly long statement, but when the clip was re-aired on MSNBC Clinton's answer seemed to be hollow and unenthusiastic.

The cropped footage was aired during two different news programs on MSNBC and has shown that the media has few boundries. In my last blog on this subject I said that a hidden agenda must be present in some of these shows. I was willing to accept that from Fox News and CNN, but now it would seem no where is safe for an unbiased, non-party viewer except for maybe CSPAN. If the news is to be trusted I believe more objective reporters ought to be on the air than these which speculate and spin.


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