A final 'New York' Sun set

Monday, September 29, 2008

By: Quinn Albrecht

The New York Sun is set to publish its final paper on Tuesday September 30. The paper was started in October 2001

The paper was established with two goals in mind. One was to offer its readers a different prospective than the New York Times, and to make a profit. 

With a lot of economic woes in the past day or two, it is understandable that somethings like this might happen, but who would have guess they would happen so soon.

This sudden shut down of a huge paper just adds stress to a market that is already seeing signs of trouble.

Quite a few people are loosing their jobs, some have even turned down jobs at larger papers to stay with the Sun.

It is sad to see a up and coming outlets for the news fail like this, especially in a time when we need the news more than ever.


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