Tabloid Journalism

Monday, September 29, 2008

By: Taylor Browning

After talking tabloids in class today I was curious as to how much actual 'news' was written in them. They seem to have the less than professional journalism stereotype compaired to large newspapers but some of their stories were a lot more serious than I thought they would be.

The National Enquirer's home page listed the obvious 'I Made Brit Sex Tape' and ' Doped Heather DUI Bust' headlines were listed big and bold, but with some searching I found some actual news.

They discretely listed thumbnails about Palin's alleged affair years ago, as well as an article about Ted Kennedy's trip to the hospital. Although they aren't the tabloid's highlights, I was intrigued to see that the Enquirer covered these stories.

I previously have viewed tabloids containing only scandals and crimes by stars but now after actually looking past the cover stories and looking at the Web sites, my perception of them has changed and I now give them more credit on their journalism than before.


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