Monday, September 29, 2008

By; Sarah Keller

There was an article in USA TODAY by Craig Wilson on punctuation day about… punctuation! This article made me laugh because the author discussed how bad he was with punctuation, particularly commas, semi colons, and exclamation marks, that was what his whole article consisted of.

I have to admit that the reason I found this article so funny was because I can completely relate with him and his difficulties to use proper punctuation marks. The main reason I normally get points taken off of papers is because of the editing, other wise known as correct uses of punctuation.

It brought some relief to me to know that there is at least one professional journalist out there who is as terrible with punctuation as I am. We both know what it feels like to get torn apart by editors for not using correct punctuation, and we both feel as though we were absent the day in school when the teachers taught us how to properly use commas. So I just want to say thank you Wilson for making it so I am not the only journalist in the world who feels incompetent with their punctuation marks.


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