First Amendment Doesn't Protect Poor Choices

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

By: Kelsey Knutson 

According to FOX news an 11-year-old boy was suspended from school after he refused to take off an anti-Obama shirt. Daxx Dalton walked into school Monday sporting his "red, white, and blue," however he did so in tasteless fashion.

Dalton was given the option of turning his shirt inside-out or being suspended from school - the 5th grader chose to be suspended. 

The FOX article suggests how Dalton's father was upset about his son being suspended, and how Dalton and his father both agree that they are taking away his right to freedom of speech.  Freedom of speech or not, how in the world does any parent allow their child to leave for school in a shirt like that?

Over the course of time the media has gotten away with outrageous print and accusations towards people in society. Our culture as changed and allowed people (even fifth graders) to test the boundaries and limits set up in society that are actually set in place to protect them. The "freedom of the press" and therefore "freedom of speech" issues have trickled down into our everyday lives.

We now have parents who think it's okay to let their kids go to school with homemade t-shirts bashing a particular individual - and then say that it is considered "patriotic."

Where are the parents, where are the rules, and where is the respect? 


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