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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

By: Lexie Hagerty

In the campaign coverage index on, there was an article about how economics has become the new topic for the campaign. The article focuses on how it took a meltdown on Wall Street for anyone to notice that the candidate's views and ideas to help the economy might make or break their campaign.

I personally love the article and am glad someone has finally pointed out that the elections are getting off track.

It is not necessarily society's fault, however. Society learns of the elections through the media. The campaign article said that the Wall Street story is only the second time this year that an event other than the compaign emerged to the no. 1 topic of the week.

Thus, the media should quit focusing on Barack Obama's race and Sarah Palin's sex and instead inform our nation about important issues like the economy and the financial crisis that could take place.


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