Palin preps for debate

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

By:  Erin Floro

Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin met with world leaders on Tuesday, September 23.  These included Afghan President Karzai, Colombian President Uribe, and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.  She was preparing herself for the upcoming debate next week with the Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden.

At least five U.S. news networks protested the fact that she would not let them sit in on the meetings.  She also refused to take any questions from journalists.  In meeting with these dignitaries, Palin was trying to prove that she is comfortable and can handle herself in these situations dealing with foreign policy.

The Democrats are trying to draw attention to her inexperience in foreign relations.  However the Republicans defend Palin, that she is no different than Reagan and Clinton who also prepped themselves with international leaders.  

Palin herself, even though she is being attacked for lack of knowledge in international affairs, feels confident that she is ready for the job of Vice President.


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