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Monday, September 5, 2011

As someone who considers her self to have a clear literary voice, I am currently challenged with blogging. I have been doing research to help utilize the Internet and make it work to my advantage, as my creativity seems to be stifled in this format. I am uncertain if it was the pressure to perform, the fear of not attaining a good result, or if there was a bit of resistance to the new to me formatting.

However, I decided to dive in and research any tips and tricks that other parties found useful in their endeavors on the high speed playing field.

Was the first website I went to, I had searched “challenges of blogging,” this was the first returned item under that criteria. There were 5 elements it suggested to me, but only one relevant to our class. #3 No clear purpose. I know we had visited this during class discussion, but reading this to myself, and their description really assisted my thought process.

Do you want to blog simply to share your thoughts and opinions? Do you want to use the blog to promote your services? Do you want to sell products? Do you want to build your reputation and position yourself as an expert? Do you want to make money from affiliate products or ad clicks,” borrowed from the site above.

I found this a very nice illumination on where to focus when I am searching for a topic, and designing my post for the week. I particularly wanted to share this in case anyone else needed this or knows any individuals who may benefit from this tid-bit as well.

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