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Monday, September 5, 2011

When the work-day starts to drag on, many people have multiple outlets that they turn to as a distraction or a quick relief. These can range anywhere from a quick game of solitaire, or popular news sites such as, or My personal favorite is a comedy article site known as

Although this popular site doesn't offer up to the minute news, they do give a slight mental relief during a stressful day on the job. Commonly adding anywhere from 2-5 articles a day, offers light-hearted reads that generally contain satirical information regarding current social fads, political figures or media frenzies. When first looking at the site, it is hard to see how to think of it as journalism at its best, or even worst, but upon closer examination, there are many aspects which hold true to what journalism is.

There are multiple courses that may be traversed on the site, leading into either political information, sports, news, or even pop culture, but all of them will offer information none the same. The articles, which are commonly written by freelance writers, have a distinctive structurebullets, that are commonly used to keep readers attentive and searching for more, which is a factor that many news sources are working on a daily basis to obtain.

Only a few points have been listed as to how this type of media outlet falls into journalism, and some may argue that it isn't enough, but to keep from writing a ten page blog, I will end it on this... Why not check it out for yourself and make the decision?


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