The Changing Role of the Social Media Editor.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The role of the social media editor is quickly expanding. Editors have always played incredibly important roles in news rooms and are now adapting those roles to meet the demands of online blitz journalism.

Twitter is an incredibly powerful source for news in the now. But who confirms the news tweets are factual? Social media editors have begun taking on the responsibility of debunking incorrect information posted on twitter.

For some, it is not enough to simply ignore information that is incorrect. Instead, some social media editors have taken it upon themselves to debunk invalid information that quickly circulates on the web.

Steve Myers of Poynter shares his thoughts on the changing roles of social media editors in a recent article. In the article, Myers shares how one social media editor, Anthony De Rosa of Reuters, tweeted in regards to a photo of Irene. De Rosa tweeted, “There’s an image going around of the East River cresting. It is fake.”

Hoaxes are not new to society. However, social media seems to have assisted the speed at which a hoax may be spread. With so much misinformation being spread on the internet via social media, editors face a tough question: When do you expose misinformation and when do you let it slide?

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