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Sunday, September 7, 2008

By: Kelsey Knutson

Over the past month we've heard the sad story of the missing toddler, Caylee, in Florida who' s mom has no answers, and worse yet, doesn't seem to really care. The missing girl was apparently missing long before the mother ever said anything about it which leads to many suspicions. However, my point is, does all this media hype and attention going to all of these negative stories glorify wrong behavior?

This specific story is only one instance where the media buzz over the tragic deaths and stories of others. We all know that crime and death sells. However is there a difference between a story and glorification? Should we give these criminals the air time they crave?

We need to stop glorifying tragic events that happen all over our country. For example Columbine, the Oklahoma City bombing, and Virginia Tech. The Virginia Tech murderers made film prior to their spree in hopes of the world seeing it, and then we showed it. Those people don't deserve the lime light from the media; don't reward them. 

Tell a story, spread the news, and inform. We shouldn't glorify the malicious acts of criminals. 


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