Dirty Little Secrets

Sunday, September 7, 2008

By: Jessica Hartgers

The Republican party is on the rise, and it looks like for the McCain campaign negative attention has resulted into positive attention. After hearing detailed secrets about vice president nominee Sarah Palin and her family, the storm has began to calm and the talk has turned to an upbeat tone. New poles that previously showed a marginal lead out of the democrats now show that the lead has decreased to one percentile, putting the republicans in better position than before the drama.

The tone of reporters and journalists around the nation has been on a roller coaster ride the last few weeks with the republican party.

A month ago, before the conventions, the race was calm and steady. When the Democrats announced their choice for the vice president position there was minor uproar, and the decision was a safe one. On the other hand, the Republican party went out on a limb and chose someone with baggage. This baggage caused the roller coaster to flip upside down, twist, and turn in all sorts of different directions for the republicans. After the Republicans had their convention the roller coaster ride of journalists and reporters seems to be near the top of a steep hill just one step and one percentile away from the top of the hill.

I think that our nation needs to understand that Sarah Palin is human. She is a human who has a large family and cannot completely control the actions of her daughter, but what does any of that say about her abilities to help run this nation?

Journalists and reporters have powers that are extremely high, and their words have effects that are unmeasurable. They are the people behind the words that have the responsibility and the duty to make the stories, but they are also the ones who get to mold the words.


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