Private Life Vs. News Story

Sunday, September 7, 2008

By: Jessica Hamell

Should Sarah Palin’s personal life be kept out of the news? She is the republican candidate for Vice Presidents is anything really meant to be kept under wraps if your name is in such high standings? Although this story sparks great debate topics on Sarah Palin’s political views such as teaching kids abstinence instead of “sex ed.” the present day journalists are treading a fine line on what is ethically the right choice.

If Palin really didn’t want everyone to know her daughter was pregnant she would have left her at home instead of taking her to the republican convention. It was 100% Sarah Palin’s choice to make this into such the big deal that it has become. This should be a private matter just for the family and close friends to know about but the choice was made and Palin accepted opening up her private life to the public eye. I do feel sorry for the young girl but once the election is over and everything calms down her life will go back to being close to normal and this story will be forgotten about.

All around this wasn’t a choice that Sarah Palin made it was a choice that Bristol Palin made and although I know it will happen, Sarah Palin will be criticized and examined for this choice and it could either help or hurt John Mccain’s campaign. So I guess in the end we will find out if John Mccain and Sarah Palin made the right choice by making this such a big news story.


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