Unfair Journalism

Sunday, September 7, 2008

By Lexie Hagerty

News is supposed to be reported fairly and truthfully. Yet, there are many cases in which journalism is biased in its choosing of information to provide. Lots of penalities can be distributed for a media source if it does not provide efficient and truthful information. However, there is no penalty for a media source to simply not provide certain information.
Andy Fixmer reported on Bloomberg that during this year's conventions, channels geared towards black audiences like Tv One and Black Entertainment Television aired Barack Obama's acceptance speech but did not air John McCains. These channels failed to provide full and complete coverage of the acceptance speeches, making them seem in favor of Obama due to his race.
This obvious intentional resistance of providing information has been caught, but I am certain this is not the only incident. It makes me mad to think how many times I could have been lied to by the media. I wonder if things would be different today if the facts were always given.


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