What to expect

Sunday, September 7, 2008

By Kellie Green

Journalists choose the randomness names to title the people they are talking about. In an article published by CNN , in their entertainment topics, it talks about Russell Brand and how he is going to host the MTV awards. However, the reason most people will be drawn to the article is its headline "Wacky Brit ready to grab America through VMAS." Reading the name "Wacky Brit" draws someone in that might be expecting something completely different then what the article is about. It is a little misleading. In this case someone may be hoping the article is about a crazed Brit they are going to be ab;e to see at the Video Music Awards. However, it is about Russell Brand hosting the awards. The writer of this article sees him as "Wacky" because of his style and personality.
In another article, published by CNN, the writer talks about the actor Shelley Malil and his charge with residential burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. The title of the article is "New charges for '40 year old Virgin' Actor", which sounds like they are referring Steve Carell. More people would be interested in hearing a story about Steve Carell then Shelley Malil. So again the article is misleading because it is just drawing the readers attention through the headline. The reader is thinking they are going to read about someone they might be interested in or would find interesting, however they come to find out it is not what they expected at all.


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