He Kexin

Sunday, September 7, 2008

By: Quinn Albrecht

Let’s take a trip back to August 2008. I know, who cares about the news from so long ago? This was so stunning and amazing that I had to write about it. Think back to the gymnastics performances. How can some of those athletes be 16?

To participate in the Olympics you must meet a minimum age requirement of 16. All through the Olympics there have been discrepancies of some of the Chinese girl’s ages. The whole time it was just speculation but they proved their age with passports to the IOC.

One person, Stryde Hax, seemed to think that the Chinese were not telling the whole truth with their ID’s. So he did a little research, and found that He Kexin’s name had been removed from the search source Google. He then searched an engine from China. This yielded a list of names that competed in the Olympics, and they had He Kexin listed at some 14 years of age, need I remind you, is well below the proper age of an Olympian.

This man has blogged, on the Blogger website mind you, about this issue for quite a long time. Once he found some evidence the media picked up on the issue as well. The New York Daily News picked up on the story. This then caused the IOC to do some research on the ages of five young women.

This brings me to my point. Don’t sit back and watch the news happen. Go out and make the news happen. This very site was the cause of the International Olympic Committee to do research on the proper ages of the women. With a bit of work and determination you can make a difference in the world of news.


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