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Sunday, September 7, 2008

By; Sarah Keller
As the 2008 presidential election nears closer and closer there is even more gossip in the news, magazines, and newspapers going around about the candidates and their families. If you ask me I do not believe that it is good gossip, or even worth while gossip to listen to. There are more important issues at hand than what Cindy McCain wore at the Republican convention as reported by ABC news. When I went to ABC on Friday to check the top headlines for the day, the article about McCain was the second headline on the home page, there was not even a top news story about hurricane Hanna at that time. The picture that ABC news was painting just seemed wrong to me, surely there were more vital issues in the world going on than the out fit that the potential first lady was wearing.
Instead of reporting about how Sarah Palins 17 year old daughter is pregnant, which every newspaper I have come across has reported about, such as abc news , maybe newspapers can try to start discussing more pressing and important issues such as what does Sarah Palin stand for, or believe in? I know that she does not believe in abortion, the article that wrote about discussing Bristal’s pregnancy makes that very clear, but yet again it was an article about the pregnancy, and making a slam on Sarah and her family. Surely the news can find better issues to discuss rather than the fact that Sarah Palin attended 4 different colleges which The Des Moines Register wrote about on Friday, September 5, 2008.
Even comics are having a fun time making cracks about Palin and her daughter, the article that I discussed about earlier from ABC news, talks about that very thing; they are comparing Bristal to Jamie Lynn Spears. The news and even comics and magazines are having a fun time comparing presidential candidates and families with Hollywood stars and their gossip, but I believe that the news needs to find more important issues to discuss, and try to start straying away from Bristal’s personal life. There are far more imperative issues that the world needs to hear about instead of silly gossip and personal embarrassment.


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